As one of initiatives to network expertise related to corrosion available in India, CII-Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness has formed a "Committee on Corrosion Management" under the Co-Chairmanship of Dr. U Kamachi Mudali, Chairman and CEO, Heavy Water Board. This Committee is a network of renowned individuals who have done distinguished work in the area of corrosion. Members work together in following ways to achieve the super goal of Minimizing Corrosion related losses in India:

1. To provide direction and guidance to minimize the losses due to Corrosion in various sectors of Industry
2. To conceptualize new seminars and training programmes, conferences which will create awareness about corrosion adverse impact and will provide technical knowledge about corrosion prevention techniques
3. To provide certification on corrosion prevention in order to build a knowledge based corrosion community
4. To build a databank of corrosion experts across the nation
5. To take missions on corrosion at national and International forums to showcase the best practices followed in corrosion
6. To explore possibilities of Corrosion Regulation in India
7. To disseminate corrosion related knowledge to Industry via recognizing various corrosion models / projects / experts from time to time.